Work Education
work-education VBPS aims at the holistic development of a child to broaden the horizon of each child. The school follows child centric approach and offers the 'learning by doing' experience to bring education closer to life and groom its students in their individual talent. Keeping in mind the importance of Work Education which requires every activity to be purposeful, meaningful, socially useful, productive, educative and manually oriented, the school has made a provision for a large number of activities.
Work education will be carried out under two categories – i.e. – (A) Curricular & (B) Co- Curricular for all levels (III-X). Each student will choose one option from each group (A & B).
Our Clubs
Eco Club eco-club
VBPS students are involved in a host of Eco Club activities. Few of the activities are listed below:
math-club Math Club
One cannot think of studying any subject without the role of mathematics. Math Club involves the students in Math activities so as to make the subject effective, interesting and joyful by strengthening basic concepts and mental math skills through interesting activities.
Derek's Club
dereks-club Inspired by the greatest quizmaster Mr. Derek o' Brien, Derek's Club was started in the school. The purpose of the club is to help the students have all round information. The students from all levels are trained to participate in different quizzes held at the school, inter-school and even at international level.
Dramatics/Oratory Club
dramatics This Club is run by the experienced teachers while senior students are peer mentors. In this club, the members are groomed to have good personality and life-skills. The club enhances the speaking skills, brings forward fresh talent and makes new students come out of their shell. As sited by one of our oratory club members: "This program increases our self confidence and keeps us from fading into the background."
Music And Dance Club
music Dance and Music is an integral part of the school and features widely in school life at House Socials and in School Events. In this club, the emphasis is on learning the correct rhythms of Indian as well as Western music. Interested students learn to play musical instruments (guitar & Synthesizer) in their instrumental music lessons. Western, folk & Semi classical dance skills are also taught to students. The aim here is to ensure that students develop their music and dance talents in the way most suited to them.
Heritage Club
heritage The most impressive feature of India's cultural history is the deep sense of continuity that is manifested in its more than thousand years of development. The main emphasis of the Club is:
computer-itclub Computers/IT Club
The IT club provides a creative and safe learning environment where students interested in computers and technology come together to explore their own ideas. The club organizes projects and activities with the purpose of imparting computing skills and knowledge. It is designed to create an environment of team work, along with, enhancing their technical and interpersonal skills through interaction with other members, sharing experiences and knowledge about technology.
Members get an opportunity to sharpen their skills in web designing, programming, creating multimedia presentations and flash animations, photo editing etc.
Embroidery Stitching & Embroidery Club
Embroidery is a highly versatile craft that covers every type of ornamental work done with a needle and has made its presence felt almost everywhere. It involves a variety of techniques that produce different effects. Today there’s a larger trend in home decor and clothing toward greater personalization. This club helps the students to learn the basic stitches involved to create a work of art. The skill can be developed both as a hobby and as a career and provides creative expression.
Computer Maintenance & Operation computer-maintenance
Knowledge of computer operating and maintenance is essential for proper usage of the computer system and for extending the life of the computer. This clubs helps the students to be able to easily fix some common problems and have the computer up and running in no time at all. Learning how to run antivirus scans, install softwares, take backups, connect internal and external devices etc. are just some of the activities that are performed under expert guidance by the students.
Taekwondo Club teakwondo
To build the stamina, make the children capable of self defense, Taekwondo club coaches train students of various levels in the School. The students dressed up in their Taekwondo dress performing various activities can make one feel that the future of the country is safe & secure. They perform different activities like –
Art Club artclub
The art club enhances the creativity and aesthetic sense of the students. Art education teaches students how to interpret, criticize, and use visual information, and how to make choices based on it. Many of the motions involved in making art, such as holding a paintbrush or scribbling with a crayon, are essential for the growth of fine motor skills in young children.
The activities undertaken in the club like origami, paper crafts, quilling, folding, canvas painting etc. help the students to learn team work and co-ordination of mind and hand which help them to excel in other walks of life.
Stationery Item Making Club stationary
This club guides the new generation towards recycling and reusing waste artistically, to save the planet earth. Here children learn activities like best out of waste, tie & dye, stationary item making and using waste paper and plastics wisely. It also lets learners promote self-esteem, motivation, aesthetic awareness, creativity and improved emotional expression.
Skating Club Skating
Skating is the perfect way to combine fitness with fun. It helps develop fitness with a sport that’s enjoyable for all ages. Children learn early the benefits of staying healthy and in good physical condition. Skating involves exercising all our body muscles, and joints and also senses: in addition to 5 normal ones, the sense of the balance.
Meal Planning
meal Encouraging children to cook is a way to build their self-confidence to lay the foundation for healthy eating habits. The meals that the children prepare during the club encourage creativity, an understanding of bad eating habits, responsibility and involvement. In addition it promotes hands on use of math concepts, planning, thinking, and time management. The club aims at providing children opportunities to gain a sense of accomplishment and to be independent. Cooking as a team helps them to bond better with peers and parents, master new skills as well as have lots of fun!
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