Our Star Alumnus
Virat1 Some 26 odd years ago a tiny boy with wide eyes and a captivating smile entered the gates of Vishal Bharti Public School Paschim Vihar following his elder siblings Vikas Kohli and Bhawna Kohli it was none other than the young Virat Kohli –Captain of the Indian Cricket Team.
He could win just any heart with his bright sparkling eyes, his smile and his wit. As he grew and blossomed at Vishal Bharti Public School he developed a huge inclination towards sports especially cricket, yet he scored fantastically in his exams, science and Math being his favorite subjects, so says his science and math teachers.
The Music teacher, Ms. Sadhna Sohal recollects Virat as a cute child with chubby cheeks who was fond of humming Bollywood numbers. His class one teacher Ms. Hena Bhattacharaya recollects that Virat was a very bright and determined child right from the beginning. She says, his eyes were very expressive. Virat was an active participant in all the school activities and inter house activities, reminisces his class eight teacher Ms. Vibha Sachdev.
Virat always scored well in his exams. He was an above average performer and the only time he would lose a few marks was when his practices took his time away. "I prepared for my exam late after I came back from my practices.", was something that we used to hear very frequently from him. He worked very hard to excel in both sports and academics and the teachers at Vishal Bharti Public School Paschim Vihar fully understood his struggle and cooperated with him by giving him added guidance.
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At a time when academics were given more weight-age than sports, his father encouraged the sportsman in him in spite of the fact that Virat was good in academics also and could do well in any given field.
His classmates of Vishal Bharti Public School Paschim Vihar remember Virat as a fun loving boy who would do what he decided to do come hail, snow or storm.
When we watch Virat play on the field today with guts and grit we are immediately able to connect with that hard working, resolute boy who would prepare for his exams after a day of rigorous cricket practice and who frequently said "Ma'am, I will be the next Sachin Tendulkar of Indian Team."
We believed him then and we believe him now.
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