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Thu, 10th Aug 2017 - Youth Parliament
Youth Parliament
Youth Parliament
Youth Parliament
Youth Parliament
VBPS participated in the 52nd Youth Parliament Competition organised by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. The aim of the Youth Parliament is to inculcate the spirit of self-discipline, tolerance of diverse opinion and leadership quality among the younger generation.  Principal Dr.Amita Saxena and student representatives of the youth parliament welcomed the judges/Guests for this event. Fifty five students from classes 9 to 11 participated in the Youth Parliament exhibiting their talent and enthusiasm which appeared similar to a Parliament in Session .During the question hour, interesting and intelligent questions were raised by the participants on issues related to national safety, security, Swachhta Abhiyan, Safety in railways, Transport, Flood, educational reforms etc.

The team of judges included Mr. Bratin Sen Gupta, former MP of Rajya Sabha,  Ms.Savita Mohan Section Officer, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, and Mr.Meena, from  Directorate of Education. Mr. Bratin Sen Gupta and Mr. Meena lauded the performance of the students and appreciated the efforts of the school and the support of the management in making the programme a grand success. Ms.Savita Mohan applauded the speakers and announced the eight best speakers, who would receive prizes for their outstanding performance by the ministry of Parliamentary affairs in a function that would be organized later. This session was a great learning experience for our participants, audience and the teachers as well.
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Sat, 05th Aug 2017 - InterSchool Doodling Competition
InterSchool Doodling Competition
It is rightly said "Winners never quit and quitters never win" & VBPS believes in inculcating the spirit of the same mantra. Medhavi Bhardwaj of class VIII participated in an Inter School Event 'The Digilogous' held at Rukmini Devi Public School, Pitampura on 5 August, 2017. She participated in Doodling competition and got first prize, trophy and a cash prize of Rs.2000. The efforts of the student and teacher incharge Ms.Kamna were lauded by the principal Dr. Amita Saxena.
Wed, 02nd Aug 2017 - Zonal Art and Craft Competition
Zonal Art and Craft Competition
Mon, 31st Jul 2017 - Excursion to Singh Sabha Gurudwara
Excursion to Singh Sabha Gurudwara
Excursion to Singh Sabha Gurudwara
"In a holy place, the spirit washes over me like the calm waves of the sea"

Visiting places generates a lot of interest among children and is also a source of great learning. Students have learnt about religious places in E.V.S, hence an educational trip was planned to the Singh Sabha Gurudwara on July31, 2017 for Classes Pre-School and Pre-Primary. The ambience inside the Gurudwara was very peaceful. Children were able to see the place of worship. They were served Prasad which they all relished. The school arranged popular snacks and served these to the students. They relished the snacks! Students learnt about the concept while travelling and enjoying.

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Thu, 27th Jul 2017 - Junior School Talent Hunt
Junior School Talent Hunt
Junior School Talent Hunt
Junior School Talent Hunt
"Talent hits a target no one else can hit"
Genius hits a target no else can see"

Giving the students a platform to showcase their talent, Talent Hunt Competition was organized in VBPS on July 27 & July 28, 2017 for Pre-School to Class II. Students showcased their talents ranging from fancy dress, singing, dance to instrumental. It was an enthralling experience for the students and audience. Students of Pre-school to class II were very enthusiastic and participated actively and executed their talent very well. The Principal, Dr Amita Saxena graced the occasion and motivated the participants. These programs help to bring out the talent and uniqueness in each and every child. Moreover, it also helps to create self-discipline, maintain stage consciousness and also inculcate qualities and self-expression by exploring their ingrained flair and forte. At the end of the competition, the winners were given away certificates of appreciation.
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Thu, 20th Jul 2017 - Composting is Fun – Eco Club Activities
Composting is Fun – Eco Club Activities
Our patience and endeavor with composting  bore fruit as we were able to not only produce manure successfully using our TRUSTBIN but we also got a good amount of liquid fertilizer which acts as fast grow for the plants.

The manure was used for the plants in the lawn and the liquid fertilizer we poured into our pet plants in our class rooms. We also loaded the TRUSTBIN again with fresh biodegradable material so that it can make more manure for our plants.

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Mon, 05th Jun 2017 - Class X CBSE Result
Class X CBSE Result
Sun, 28th May 2017 - Class XII CBSE Result
Class XII CBSE Result
The legacy of outstanding results continues in VBPS, 100 Ist Division in 2017. Click here for details.
Fri, 26th May 2017 - Trip to Lansdowne
Trip to Lansdowne
Learning occurs in a lot of different ways in schools, and it’s not only in classrooms.  Field Trips is one of the ways that help students develop educationally and culturally and gain a variety of enrichment experiences.  Keeping this in mind, Vishal Bharti Public School organized a trip to Lansdowne in coordination with a travel agency named as space Earthnauts. About 100 students went for this trip along with ten teachers.

We started our trip from the school on May 24, 2017 at night and reached our destination on May 25 in the morning by the buses. After breakfast we first went to Darwan Singh Museum'. It was a nicely decorated two storey museum showcasing numerous details about origin and achievements of the Garhwal Rifles of the Indian army. Students saw the wide collection of arms, old uniforms, rarest photographs of army generals, patriots in various wars, certificated and citations signed by the British royalty on display.

Our second destination was 'TIP IN TOP'. It is one of the highest place in Lansdowne and one can watch the complete skyline with magnificent Shivalik range in the backdrop.  After this, we reached 'Bhulla Lake'. It is an artificial lake built by Garhwal Rifles. Students enjoyed boating and the flower gardens.  The day concluded with lunch followed by numerous fun filled games on the terrace in the evening and a rocking dance party in the night at the hotel.
On day 2, we went to 'Bhim Pakora'. The students reached Bhim Pakora after a 2km trek downhill on a rough path and the place is quite surprising as there are two big stones one above the other in perfect balance and while the stone can be moved with a finger it never falls down. Locals believe that the Pandavas stayed here for one night during their exile period. The highlu courageous Bhim, one of the Pandavas placed one rock above the other in perfect balance and they are intact till date, unaffected by humans and natural calamities. 

After the trek we reached Camp Advait located about 50 meters from a tributary of the river Kho near the hill station of Lansdowne.  It was here that the students got into the thick of action, with more than a dozen adventure activities such as rock-climbing, rappelling, Burma Bridge and cliff jumping and much more. Lunch and snacks were also arranged for the students at the camping site itself. The evening passed on splendidly and ended on a really happy note.
Day 3 began with a delicious breakfast and the students finally boarded the buses biding adieu to the beautiful mountains. We reached Delhi on May 27, 2017 at around 6p.m. totally exhausted but rejuvenated.

The entire trip concluded perfectly and efficiently, with rich cherished memories coupled with learning experience for our students. This trip boosted the self confidence the students and helped them to attain leadership qualities, team work, independence, time management and more importantly inculcate the aesthetic sense and the power to appreciate nature at its best and also to understand the importance of taking care of the environment.

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Mon, 22nd May 2017 - VBPS has been conferred the prestigious International School Award by British Council for session 2017-20.
VBPS has been conferred the prestigious International School Award by British Council for session 2017-20.
Excellence is never an accident, it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, perfect execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities

The International School Award is a prestigious Award accredited by British Council for curriculum based international work in the school .We are proud to mention that VBPS once again reached the greater heights by winning the International School Award (ISA) 2017-2020, second time in a row .The prestigious award is the fruit of our hard work. It is a great achievement for the school which has always strived to maintain a global outlook and international perspective as part of its curriculum .The school has also established links with US schools to get the global dimension embedded into the teaching learning process.

This accreditation has been a result of the encouragement and support of the school management and Principal Dr Amita Saxena who provided this platform to the staff and students to conduct the various projects as per the guidelines given by the British Council. Kudos to the entire VBPS family.

Tue, 16th May 2017 - Capacity Building Program Workshop
Capacity Building Program Workshop
Fri, 05th May 2017 - IDA TEACHING AWARDS- 2016
Indian Didactics Association is an association for the education and training fraternity engaged in improving learning and teaching in Education and Training Industry in the country. It unifies the presently scattered Indian Education and Training sector to work collaboratively in the delivery of various national objectives, needs and goals.

IDA Teaching Awards recognizes and appreciates the efforts of the teachers who have made significant fundamental contributions to the education society over sustained period of years.
For IDA Awards-2016, there were 6982 nominations, 100+ online jury,  84 Finalists, 21 Winners finally.

Ms Sadhna Sohal,from Vishal Bharti Public School, was declared winner from all over India in Art, Music and Drama Category. She was awarded with a Trophy on 5th May 2017 at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road. The awards were presented by eminent Dignitaries from Various Universities.

Wed, 03rd May 2017 - International Olympiad Examinations-2016
International Olympiad Examinations-2016
International Olympiad is a search competition that aims to challenge and encourage the students to realize their true intellectual potential. Its objective is to develop competitive spirit among students, widen their academic horizon beyond school books and to prepare them to excel in today's highly competitive environment.

In the academic session 2016-17, the VBPians from classes I to XI participated enthusiastically in different olympiads under the guidance of teachers and supervision and mentorship of Principal Dr. Amita Saxena. Our students brought laurels for the school by winning Gold, Silver & Bronze medals.

Click here for details

Fri, 28th Apr 2017 - Ethno Western Music Makers- Cambridge Foundation School
Ethno Western Music Makers- Cambridge Foundation School
Students of Vishal Bharti Public School participated in Interschool Singing Competition- Ethno Western Music Makers, organized by Cambridge Foundation School on 28th April, 2017. VBPS students of class VIII sang Poorvi lokgeet with western fusion and got third prize for their enthusiastic and melodious performance.

The audience swayed with delight and applauded in appreciation.
Principal, Ms Amita  Saxena congratulated the participants with motivating words.

Tue, 25th Apr 2017 - Nukkad Natak - 'Stop Pollution'
Nukkad Natak - 'Stop Pollution'
Nukkad Natak - 'Stop Pollution'
Nukkad Natak - 'Stop Pollution'


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