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Sat, 01st Sep 2018 - Grandparents Day Report
Pre School - Pre Primary
Grandparents Day Report
Grandparents Day Report
Grandparents are a family’s greatest treasure, founders of loving legacy, greatest storytelles and the keepers of tradition. Our grandparents need nothing more than love, our time, joy of our achievements and in this tech – savy era it is also fun to train them in technological know – how. In honour of the grandparents Vishal Bharti Public School celebrated Grandparents Day on Saturday, 1st September 2018. The young VBPians from class preschool performed on this day with great enthusiasm and fervor.

The day witnessed 100% participation of the students of preschool who performed adorably on ‘Janmashtmi theme’. The enactment helped to inculcate the moral and ethical values amongst students. A group of primary class students sang a melodious song dedicated to Grandparents. Principal  Dr. Amita Saxena, spoke about the value and importance of grandparents in  a family. The day filled with fun and frolic was appreciated by all.

Those who were present, everyone enjoyed watching their little ones!

Sat, 01st Sep 2018 - Students Workshop by Cartoon Network
Class III - V
Students Workshop by Cartoon Network
Students Workshop by Cartoon Network
School days are undoubtedly the best days in a child's life. They not only provides knowledge but also teaches and inculcates qualities which help them shape their future. Keeping the same in view a fun workshop was conducted for Classes III to V in the school it was organized by Cartoon Network. As part of the fun, interactive and playful workshop "Masti ki Recess” students were involved in  team play activities, such as cook up a story, throw and catch the ball etc.

The winning teams were awarded with Cartoon Network Merchandise .A few students also got a chance to display their talent As they danced, sang and narrated jokes to the assembly amongst roars of laughter and clapping of tiny hands.

The workshop was conducted in 3 sessions for all sections of classes  III -V .Apart from playing fun games children also got small take away kits with goodies.

Thu, 23rd Aug 2018 - Talent Hunt
Pre-Primary Class II
Talent Hunt
“Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment.”

Young children have an ocean of hidden talent amongst them and it was displayed at VBPS on July 26th and 27th, 2018 for Pre- school to class II. Students showcased their talents ranging from  fancy  dress, singing, dance  to  instrumental. The  main reason behind organizing these competitions is to nurture the intrinsic qualities of students and remove the stage fear among students, which helps in the development of overall personality of  the  students. It  was  an  enthralling  experience  for  the students and audience. Students of Pre-school to class II participated actively and executed their activities very well.

The Principal, Dr Amita Saxena graced the occasion and motivated the participants. At the end of the competition, the winners were given away Certificates of Appreciation.

Wed, 08th Aug 2018 - Congratulations! Principal Ma'am
Congratulations! Principal Ma'am
"Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently"

A  glittering  function,  ‘Re-inventing Schools-a  Talk  Series’ of   School Principals was organized by Rocksport at Hotel Lalit Connaught Place on 31st  July 2018. These was an interactive panel discussion of School leaders to ideate, debate and discuss the most critical need of the hour – Reinventing Schools. This talk deliberated on how the 21st Century Schools could reinvent themselves by focusing on Life Skills, Experiential Learning, Co-learning for students and teachers. Eminent Panelists like Ms. Lata Vaidyanathan former Principal Modern School, Barakhamba Road, Ms. Amita Mulla Wattal of Springdales School, Pusa Road, Ms. Alka Kher, DPS School, Ms. Anjali Agarwal, Principal of St. Marks School moderated the discussion with the Delegate – Principals.

Selected School Principals were also felicitated for their initiatives and invaluable contribution for their inspiring role in the field of education and all round development of school students. Dr. Amita Saxena , Principal , Vishal Bharti Public School  was the proud recipient of a citation of Inspiring Educator for her invaluable contribution.

In order to instill a sense of responsibility, discipline, pride and democracy in the students, the Student Council of Vishal Bharti Public School was sworn in on August 1,2018.

Principal, Dr. Amita Saxena adorned the senior and the junior council members with sashes and badges. This was followed by oath taking ceremony by the council members, promising to discharge their duties with sincerity and dedication. School Head Boy Aekantik Dalal and Head Girl Esha Sharma both expressed their pride at having been chosen for the job and promised to give their best shot and try to inculcate a sense of responsibility amongst all council members and students.

Dr. Amita Saxena while congratulating the school council members urged them to be at their best behaviour always and to act as role models for all other students of the school to make sincere and diligent VBPS fraternity.

Sat, 14th Jul 2018 - JIGYASA, an Interdepartmental Exhibition
JIGYASA, an Interdepartmental Exhibition
JIGYASA, an Interdepartmental Exhibition
“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” –
                                                                                                         George Bernard Shaw

JIGYASA, an Interdepartmental Exhibition was organized at  Vishal Bharti Public School, Paschim Vihar on 13th and 14th July 2018 to promote participatory and hands-on learning in all fields of education. The Exihibition sought to provide a common platform to students to give shape to their innovative ideas and learn from each other’s experiences.

The exhibition, not only honed the communication skills of the students, but also enhanced their knowledge of different subjects. The event saw great enthusiasm among the children who were eagerly waiting for their chance to show their talent.  It was a step forward towards their all round development.

Ms. Merylin Molly(HOD of ceramics and sculpture in Modern School Barakhamba Road), Dr. Anuradha Sharma ( Reader(Botany) in Hindu College) and Ms. Sharadha Pandey(Author and HOD of Hindi Department in Alchon Public School , Mayur Vihar)  were the guests of honour for on 13 July 2018 and Mr.Rakesh Mohan Joshi(Director in IITF), Dr.Vikas Vijay(Author of Accountancy Books) were the guest of honour on 14th July 2018. All  guests keenly interacted with the students who displayed confidence while explaining various activities and models that were on display. The exhibition was appreciated by all.

The students participated whole heartedly towards the success of this grand event, under the guidance of our dear principal Dr.Amita Saxena and their mentors and able teachers.
Tue, 12th Jun 2018 - VBPS wins the "Plastic free school" of the year award
VBPS wins the
VBPS wins the
Vishal Bharti Public school, Paschim Vihar bags Plastic free school of the year award at  the National Environmental Convention  ceremony held at India International Centre.
Fri, 18th May 2018 - Earthquake Mock Drill
Earthquake Mock Drill
Earthquake Mock Drill
Earthquake Mock Drill
We are all aware of the havoc created by ‘NATURAL DISASTERS’ when they strike, as there is no prior warning. Therefore the need of the hour is to ‘Be Prepared’  at all  times. To overcome the obstacles that might arise during evacuation if a natural disaster strikes, VBPS PaschimVihar,
organized an earthquake mock drill under the ‘VBPS- Safety First Week’ in the school premises on 18th May 2018.

Prior to the commencement of the exercise, the teachers were divided into various teams viz, School Disaster Management Committee, Awareness Generation Team, Warning and Information Dissemination Team, Evacuation team, Search & Rescue Team, First Aid Team,  Fire Safety Team, Site Security Team, Bus Safety Team &  Team for Students with special needs.

Students & staff members practiced ‘                                                                                                                                                          ’ exercise in the class rooms. after watching a demo .Evacuation operation began after the hooter alerted the students. The students immediately evacuated their classrooms and gathered in the school ground along with the teachers at the places earmarked after hearing the hooter. Head count was done by  class teachers. Search and Rescue Team Information Generation Team and First Aid Team of the school conducted awareness generation activities like skit, talk etc. All teams worked in accordance to the work given to them.

Students and faculty members learnt life saving tips from the drill. The  conclusion drawn was : Mock Drills are helpful in being prepared  for a mishap and teach us to be calm, act in a planned manner and avoid chaos so that a smooth transition can be made with minimum hassle.

Thu, 17th May 2018 - First Aid Techniques
First Aid Techniques
First Aid Techniques
First aid is a help given to a sick or injured person until proper medical treatment is available.
Ensuring that the children are safe while in school is one of the major priorities of all guardians and educationists . Therefore developing first aid skills make a great difference in the entire safety of the school. A demonstration cum talk on First Aid was organized in our school premises  on 17th May 2018 under the guidance of Dr. Amita Saxena.

Team of doctors Dr. Rahul Nagar (Consultant Deptt. Of medicine) and Dr. Shrey Dhawan (Sr. Consultant, Dental Deptt.), Mr. Sunil Shah and Mr. Dharamveer Bhalla  from Sehgal Neo Hospital were invited for this session. Dr. Rahul  addressed the audience and gave a presentation about  emergency situations in case of Heart Attack or sudden Choking.

He discussed and explained about the first aid given in case of emergency situations. How CPR should be given in case of emergency. Dr. Shrey talked about basic care, do's and don’t and how to protect our teeth in our daily lives. He also spoke about innovative corrective treatments for sports persons and other who requires help in dental health and appearance.Both the sessions were very interesting. Students showed keen interest in learning and even tried CPR technique in case of emergency. Queries raised by students, teachers and Principal Dr. Amita Saxena at the end of the session were answered by the team of doctors. It was a good learning experience and an excellent initiative by the school to inculcate the need of safety  amongst the students.

Tue, 15th May 2018 - Fire Safety Drill Relief & Rescue Operations by Fire dept.
Fire Safety Drill Relief & Rescue Operations by Fire dept.
Fire Safety Drill Relief & Rescue Operations by Fire dept.
A mock fire drill involving students and fire fighters was conducted at Vishal Bharti Public School on Tuesday 15th May 2018 to create awareness among the student community about fire fighting techniques and the ways to respond swiftly in times of such situations. A group of fire fighters, headed by Mr Raj Singh, Sub-Officer Fire Station, JwalaHeri, armed with necessary paraphernalia required for fire fighting and rescue operations positioned themselves at vantage points to guide and assist the students in the mock fire drill.

The fire fighters explained and demonstrated different improvised methods being followed by them to douse the fire and save people caught in such emergency situation besides explaining the ways to operate the fire extinguishers safely. Fire engine accessibility and how the team is able to fight fire in huge buildings/ areas by the fire engine was demonstratedThe team also made the children aware about various precautions to be taken to avoid fire accidents.

Mon, 14th May 2018 - Badge Making Activity
Badge Making Activity
Badge Making Activity
The safety and wellbeing of students and staff is paramount at Vishal Bharti Public School.

Keeping  this in mind, students from Classes I to XII participated in week long activities organized by the school. They made badges on May 14,2018 highlighting safety first and wore them through the week.The activity aimed at raising awareness about importance of safety. While involving themselves in safety planning students not only educated themselves but also became aware of how to prevent injuries.

Sat, 05th May 2018 - Movie Show for Classes III to V
Recreation is an important part of life and movies provide the avenue. From the moment we indulge in watching a movie, we are transformed into a new world where our mind is at ease and we have an exhilarating experience.

 In order to give a recreational break to the students of classes III to V,  special screening of the popular animated  movie ‘Peter Rabbit’  was organized by VBPS  at Wave Cinemas on 5th May 2018. The students were accompanied by their class teachers and they enjoyed the show thoroughly.  It was a fun-filled day for them and a great learning experience as well !

Fri, 27th Apr 2018 - Interschool Singing Competition
Students of Vishal Bharti Public School added another feather in its cap by winning Interschool –‘Sublime Rendition’, an Interschool singing  Competition. It was organised by Cambridge Foundation School on 27th April, 2018. VBPS singers group got first prize for their highly energetic, enthusiastic, incomparable and outstanding performance. The audience swayed with delight and applauded in appreciation.

Principal, Ms Amita Saxena congratulated the participants with  motivating words.

Fri, 20th Apr 2018 - Special Assembly on Earth Day
Special Assembly on Earth Day
Special Assembly on Earth Day
Special Assembly on Earth Day
Vishal Bharti Public School was abuzz with activities once again on the occasion of Earth Day. A special assembly was conducted on April 20, 2018. The celebration began with a thought on mother earth, unfurling the beauty of our planet and the need to protect it.

This was followed by a song sung by Class X C students- “This is our planet to share”. The melodious  song not only was helpful in spreading the message of making our planet a better place but it also left the audience spellbound.

A Street play was performed by the students of VII and VIII , with great gusto and enthusiasm , in an attempt to create awareness with regard to how our precious Earth can be saved from all human atrocities.

The principal Dr.Amita Saxena on this occasion planted a sapling of Ashoka in order to set an  example that with our little actions we can make a difference.

Tue, 17th Apr 2018 - Report on Grocery Bag Project
Report on Grocery Bag Project
Report on Grocery Bag Project
Report on Grocery Bag Project
During  the Earth Month  celebrations in April , the students of classes III-XII teamed up together   for an easy , cost free, environmental project to protect the planet from harmful plastic bags.  The grocery paper bags  were acquired and distributed  to  students  in all classes. On 17th April  each student  decorated his/herthe paper bag, with colourful illustrations and meaningful environmental messages .

The decorated bags with messages to save mother Earth were distributed  to   the  grocery shops in Lal Market Paschim Vihar  on 18 thApril. The students  explained to the grocers  the  idea behind their action - to promote reuse and recycling , to discourage use of plastic bags.The grocers were enthusiastic and welcomed the young children who exhibited promotion of community awareness. The students too had a wonderful time doing the project and learned timely lessons on community service and ways to save Earth.

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