Pre School -Pre Primary Classes
preschool Children are introduced to the basic skills through learning by doing method. Knowledge of English, Number work, Hindi and Environment Studies is instilled through discussions, activities, demonstrations and excursions to places like museums, parks, post office etc. A lot of emphasis is given to the ‘creative arts’ and ‘physical activities’ through Music, Dance, Art & Craft and Games & Sports like Skating, Splash Activity, Taekwondo etc. They also spend enjoyable fun activity hours in a Multi Theme Centre which is well stacked with Stuffed Toys, Doll House, Ball Pool, Sitting Cubes, and Flannel Boards, 3D Letter Box, Toy Trolley, Fun Puzzles, Shapes, Spiral Abacus, and Matching Maze etc.
Primary (I-V)
primary Activity based learning & continuous comprehensive evaluation is done in child friendly manner. The subjects taught are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Computers. Third language is introduced in class V. A student may opt for French or Sanskrit as the third language which he/she can continue till class VIII. Thereafter, he/she studies only two languages; one being English and the second he/she chooses from amongst Hindi, Sanskrit and French.
Middle & Secondary School
middle Subjects taught at this level are: English, Hindi/ Sanskrit/French, Mathematics, Science & Technology (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry), Social Science (History, Civics, Economics, Geography, G.K (only till VIII)), PE, C.Sc. and formal assessments on CCE guidelines are done.
Senior Secondary School
senior The school offers all the three streams at the senior secondary level- Sciences, Commerce & Humanities.
Subjects offered in Science stream are English Core, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. The students can opt for any one out of Computer Science, Biology or Physical Education as the fifth subject

Subjects offered in Commerce stream are English Core, Economics, Accountancy and Business Studies. For the fifth subject they have an option between Mathematics, Physical Education or Informatics Practices

Subjects offered in Humanities stream are English Core, Economics, History or Pol.Science and Geography and one subject out of Physical Education or Informatics Practices.

In addition to the above scholastic subjects Visual Art(Drawing and Painting),Performing Arts(Music and Dance), Work Experience, Clubs and Physical & Health Education are compulsory for classes III - X.
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