We Care
Social Initiatives
social-initiative Vishal Bharti Public School organizes activities and campaigns in order to warm the hearth of the less privileged lot . VBPS is proud to be associated with NGOs like the Magsay-say awardee Goonj and other corporates and organizations like Godrej and Aashalayam. VBPS has passionately incorporated ‘Each One Teach One’ and the ‘Swachh Bharat campaigns’,which are taken very seriously by the students and the staff. Students regularly go for social services to Old Age Homes, Orphan-ages etc.
In the last three decades, the amount of effort put in by the School’s Management and pupils in supporting community initiatives , in providing facilities, education and resources for local projects and schools has increased rapidly.
Commnunity Service
commnunity-service At VBPS, we believe we must care for the society we share and to be able to give back as much or more than what we receive. Therefore we actively choose to engage in meaningful contribution to the society. Community Service is undertaken by many pupils for the benefit, largely, of elderly people in the locality. Class XI students visited the Sai Vridhashram at Nihal Vihar. They carried clothes, warm clothes and eatables and distributed them to the aged people.
Green Initiatives
green VBPians engaged in a plethora of activities such as Anti Cracker Drive, Grocery Bag project, The Earth Day celebrations, Paper Mache, Best out of Waste Projects etc. Taking tips to maintain the lawns and increase the survival rate of potted plants from the school gardener and students put it into practice. Composting, recycling waste and the pipeline projects of Rainwater Harvesting have been initiated in school by the students and the teachers.
Samman: Dignity For All
samman The mission of this initiative is Equality Not Charity; where-in the Rights of the deprived Indians are protected and honoured. In a society that is built on respect for dignity, justice and equity for all, the purpose is to make the change that stays throughout, so that people live in a happy, healthy and protected environment.
VBPS students are actively involved in the following:
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