Wall Magazine
The Wall Magazine is a theme based activity which gives an opportunity to showcase students’ hidden talents. The students of each house are required to collect and present information on a given topic on the display boards. The activity provides a platform to hone the skills required for information search and analysis. It helps them to sift the required data from a multitude of facts and figures available around them. Also they keep themselves abreast of the latest on-going around them by regularly reading newspapers, magazine, journals and surfing the internet. Topics are given to each house and scores are kept. Trophy for the Best Wall Magazine at the end of the session is given to the house scoring maximum points.

Topics for Wall Magazine 2016-17

S.No. Topic Date Bose Gandhi Tagore Nehru View
Classical English 29-Apr-2016 Prose Poetry Drama Fiction tour
Great Indian Leaders 08-Jul-2016 Bal Gangadhar Tilak Mahatma Gandhi Jawaharlal Nehru RabindraNath Tagore tour
EarthScience 19-Aug-2016 Climate Change Natural Disaster Water Energy Forest & Rain Forests tour
Robotics 14-Oct-2016 Evolution Mechanism People Behind Robots Future Trends tour
Maths Around Us 18-Nov-2016 Maths in Banking Maths in Architecture Maths in Nature Maths in Sports tour
Disasters 22-Jan-2017 Natural Manmade Causes Effects & Mitigation tour
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