Chairman's Message mahavirgoel
The highest intellectual achievement is the true actualization of thoughts. Our school is the platform where children get a chance to develop their faculties while preparing them to be kind souls. As children grow at Vishal Bharti they follow the norms and guidelines laid down for them. We help them to maintain the delicate balance complete laissez-faire and too great a degree of control. A child treated with fairness grows up into a self confident self reliant and assertive individual. The teaching methodology being followed in the school is learner-centric, incorporating the latest techniques in every subject area. At VBPS we mould the child's personality without tampering with the basic foundations of childhood. We believe that the castle of a successful society can only be built on the foundations of a joyful childhood.
Vishal Bharti Public School, A1 Paschim Vihar 2526 3171, 4590 4430
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