Little Hearts
Orientation Programme
Orientation The school organizes orientation programme for the parents of new students of pre-school before the session begins. It gives a deep insight into the teaching methodology, rules and regulations and also comprises of some parenting tips. This programme provides a fantastic opportunity to parents to know what to expect through the year and also equip themselves for it.
Smart Classroomssmartclass
All classes have smart boards, are air conditioned & are furnished with appropriate seating & decor.
Educational Assembly Presentations Assembly
Regular assembly presentations are given by all junior class students. These presentations not only give them a platform to exhibit their knowledge of the concepts taught in the class but also help them overcome stage fright, thus making the little ones confident orators.
Excursions and Trips Trips
It is an integral part of the teaching and learning process. To imbibe in them an understanding of different cultures making all textual learning realistic, the school organizes educational excursions to places like IskconTemple, Church, Gurudwara, Rail Museum, Local Market, Post Office, etc.
"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate".
To make the students aware of their culture, traditions and festivals, special assemblies are conducted and related activities are also organized for children. Programmes like Talent Show, Annual Day & Sports Day are also organized, in which there is mass participation of the children in these programmes.
Inter Class and Intra Class Competitions
"Competition is all around – it is inescapable"
Competitions We consider it our duty to make students capable of surviving in a stress torn world. With an aim to encourage healthy and constructive competition amongst our tiny tots, we arrange a host of inter-class and intra-class competitions like handwriting, rakhi making, candle and diya decoration, recitation, storytelling, dramatization, just a minute, recitation etc. on regular basis.
Methodology of Teaching
Methodology of Teaching The curriculum and syllabus of studies from Pre-school to Class II is a broad and integrated one designed, to train the children in acquiring speaking, reading and writing skills as well as inculcating good moral and social values in them. Our curriculum focuses on learning by doing. The junior classes form the foundation of every child’s basic education. At this stage, the child is introduced to skills of learning by doing.
Theme Centre for Junior wing
Theme Centre Visual aids supplement oral and written information with graphical representation and images. Visual aids create interactive and varied learning experiences that reach students with a wide range of learning styles and abilities.

Keeping this in mind, the school has set up a 'Theme Activity Hub' well stocked with interesting and child friendly games and aids to make learning a fun-filled process facilitating the cognitive development of the little ones.
Sports Room Sports play a pivotal role in keeping the mind and body fit. The school aims to generate camaraderie between students, a sense of healthy competition, brotherhood, self-discipline and positive attitude. Therefore, the school arranges ample number of sports activities like splash, freeplay, skating, taekwondo, theme races, etc. for our tiny tots regularly.
Jungle Gym
Jungle Gym Play is fundamental to a child’s development. Our playground satisfies all of the five fitness elements: balance, cardiovascular health, dexterity, hand-eye co-ordination and large muscle development. To create a dynamic and healthy playtime environment the school has a wide range of swings in the jungle gym coupled with slides, see-saw and sand-pit. It provides our kids the ability to play while they interact, learn and share and build friendships that help with social skills.
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