British Council International School Award
bc The British Council International School Award (ISA) is a scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for its teaching practices to add:-
Students and teachers of VBPS continuously work efficiently on various projects so as to move away from the traditional chalk and talk model of content oriented teaching towards process and value oriented learning.
Through the inclusion of an international focus, the school has been able to offer its students a range of experiences that enhanced their learning and raised their awareness of national and international identity.
The activities for ISA develop enthusiasm among students to appreciate cultural diversities. They help students and teachers to enlarge their mental horizon and walk along the path of building a united global world where acceptance, appreciation, tolerance and a host of other values automatically get ingrained into their consciousness.
VBPS received its ISA award acknowledging the students collaborative learning projects done in association with renowned UK schools.
ISA Activities for the session 2016
S.No. Date Activity View
15-Nov-2017 Go Green - Segregation Of Waste
20-Oct-2017 Go Green –Cleanliness Drive
06-Oct-2017 Go Green – Talk On Environment
12-Aug-2017 Go Green –Debate on odd-even scheme for vehicles- An effective solution to prevent air pollution
09-Aug-2017 Report on Grocery bag project
03-May-2017 Go Green – Plantation Drive
23-Dec-2016 Christmas Greeting Card Making Activity tour
21-Dec-2016 Dances Around the World tour
07-Dec-2016 Quiz on Dances Around the World tour
16-Nov-2016 Contemporary Dance forms of Europe and The United States of America tour
10-Nov-2016 Halloween Assembly tour
28-Oct-2016 Anti Cracker Drive tour
26-Oct-2016 Diwali Assembly tour
26-Oct-2016 Global Consumer Awareness – Survey on Consumer Awareness tour
17-Oct-2016 Global Extravaganza – Greeting Card Making tour
14-Oct-2016 Global Extravaganza –Food Saviours
07-Oct-2016 Global Extravaganza – Special Assembly Dussehra tour
06-Oct-2016 Global Extravaganza – Mask Making
28-Sep-2016 The World of Fantasy – Cartoon Races
21-Sep-2016 The World of Fantasy – Character Potrayal tour
16-Sep-2016 The World of Fantasy – Book Mark Making
09-Sep-2016 The World of Fantasy – Fairy Tales tour
24-Aug-2016 Global Consumer Awareness – Wall Magazine
22-Aug-2016 Global Consumer Awareness – Poster Making tour
10-Aug-2016 Global Consumer Awareness – Street Play tour
29-Jul-2016 Let Peace Prevail – Graffiti on Shoes tour
18-Jul-2016 Let Peace Prevail – Talk Show
14-Jul-2016 Let Peace Prevail – Peace Song
18-Apr-2016 Earth Day Celebrations tour
12-Apr-2016 Best Out of Waste Competition tour
International Olympiad Examinations
International Olympiads are a platform for students from all ways of life to appear in various levels of competitive exams in various subjects such as English, Maths, Science, Computers etc. at the National/International level. These competitions aim to challenge and encourage the students to realize their true intellectual potential. Its objective is to motivate students to strive for in-depth understanding of the subject as well as enhance their academic level, Mental Ability, Logical and Analytical Reasoning.
Participants of Olympiads, after taking the first level of the test, can judge themselves academically at four different levels - within the school, at city level, at state level and above all at International level. Each student is provided a Student Performance Report (SPR). The SPR analyses the strong and weak areas of the student and also gives a detailed performance comparison of the student vis-à-vis other students at school, state and international level. Students are suitably awarded based on their international, State and School ranking.
In the academic session 2015-16, VBPians from classes I to XII participated enthusiastically under the guidance and supervision of Principal Dr. Amita Saxena and teachers and brought laurels for the school by winning Gold, Silver & Bronze medals. The results of first level are as follows:
S.No. Name of Olympiad Name of Foundation Name of Winners Class Prize Won
International Olympiad Of Informatics(Iio) Silverzone Foundation Hazel Kamboj 1 Gold
Yashita 1 Gold
Angel Tiwari 1 Silver
Ashutosh Yadav 1 Silver
Shreya Gupta 1 Silver
Akshara Saha 1 Bronze
Jamuna Mishra 1 Bronze
Aayush 2 Gold
Ishpreet 2 Silver
Aksh Tayal 2 Bronze
Krishna 3 Gold
Anubhav 3 Silver
Abhishek 3 Bronze
Preet S. Smochiwal 4 Gold
Yogesh Sharma 6 Gold
Risheek Yadav 6 Silver
Arindam 7 Gold
Sahil Gupta 8 Gold
Aayush Jain 8 Silver
Naman Wadhwa 8 Bronze
Mugdha Goel 11 Gold
Ashutosh 11 Silver
Ajay 11 Bronze
Ishu Goyal 12 Gold
Kapil Kumar 12 Silver
International Olympiad Of Mathematics(Iom) Silverzone Foundation Jaskaran Singh 1 Gold
Sheen Singh 1 Gold
Harshit Dabas 1 Silver
Lakshya 1 Silver
Moulik Sharma 1 Silver
Arpita Goyal 1 Silver
Divanshu 1 Silver
Hazel Kamboj 1 Silver
Pearl Goel 1 Silver
Tanmay Singhal 1 Silver
Ojas Krishna Aggarwal 1 Bronze
Tanusha Mathur 2 Gold
Misha Gupta 2 Silver
Janvi Patel 2 Bronze
Muskan 3 Gold
Monishka Gupta 3 Silver
Krishna 3 Bronze
Ayush Sharma 4 Gold
Preet Singh 4 Silver
Sanskriti Pugalia 4 Silver
Raaghav Shukla 4 Bronze
Yasir Ahmed 5 Gold
Guneet 5 Silver
Divyansh 5 Bronze
Aryan Pugalia 6 Gold
Anushka 6 Silver
Yogesh Sharma 6 Bronze
Kshitij Choudhry 7 Gold
Arindam 7 Silver
Pulkit 7 Bronze
Aakanksha Thakur 9 Gold
Deevi Hari 10 Gold
Rishabh Jain 10 Silver
Archit Choudhary 10 Bronze
International Olympiad Of English(Ioel) Silverzone Foundation Riya 3 Gold
Krishna 3 Silver
Monishka 3 Bronze
Tanisha 4 Gold
Karishma 4 Silver
Preet Singh 4 Silver
Yoshi 4 Bronze
Jiya Jain 5 Gold
Niharika 5 Silver
Medhavi Bhardwaj 6 Gold
Srishti 6 Silver
Kamya Kawatra 6 Bronze
Vishal Jatia 7 Gold
Abhishek Parti 7 Silver
Arindam 7 Bronze
Ritika 9 Gold
Neha 9 Silver
Tanmay Aggarwal 10 Gold
Vanshika Rao 10 Silver
Devi Hari Narayan 10 Bronze
Udit Kwatra 10 Bronze
International Olympiad Of Science(Ios) Silverzone Foundation Krishna 3 Gold
Vansh Goel 3 Silver
Vansh Shokeen 3 Bronze
Divyansh Tagar 4 Gold
Pragya 4 Silver
Shubhi 4 Bronze
Divyansh Sharma 5 Gold
Medhavi Bhardwaj 6 Gold
Srishti Sharma 6 Silver
Kashish Thareja 6 Bronze
Subhodeep Paul 7 Gold
Arindam Singh 7 Silver
Keshav Nalwa 7 Bronze
Drishti 8 Gold
Prerna Deolal 8 Silver
Aayush Jain 8 Bronze
Ritika Mohanty 9 Gold
Neha 9 Silver
Deevi Hari Narayan 10 Gold
Archit Gupta 10 Silver
Hemant Nandal 10 Bronze
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