Intra & Inter Class Activities
Fri, 27th Jul 2018 – Talent Hunt
Pre-Primary Class II
Talent Hunt
“Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment.”

Young children have an ocean of hidden talent amongst them and it was displayed at VBPS on July 26th and 27th, 2018 for Pre- school to class II.   Students showcased their talents ranging from  fancy  dress, singing, dance  to  instrumental. The  main reason behind organizing these competitions is to nurture the intrinsic qualities of students and remove the stage fear among students, which helps in the development of overall personality of  the  students.    It  was  an  enthralling  experience  for  the students and audience. Students of Pre-school to class II participated actively and executed their  activities very well.

The Principal, Dr Amita Saxena graced the occasion and motivated the participants. At the end of the competition, the winners were given away Certificates of Appreciation.

Fri, 27th Apr 2018 – Road Safety Week (2018-19)
Road Safety Week (2018-19)
Road Safety Week (2018-19)

 “Safety is not expensive but priceless”

To enlighten the students about road safety and to create an awareness among them about safety rules, an activity ‘Road Safety Quiz’ was conducted for classes VI- VIII on 27th April, 2018. The activity was conducted in the respective classrooms where a set of questions related to all aspects of traffic rules and regulations were asked from the students and they very enthusiastically answered them.  Students identified the safety warning signs with great confidence and zeal .The activity was a great learning experience and encouraged the students to adhere to the safety rules to be safe and were convinced that the small actions can make big difference They also shared their views on how they can be instrumental in making people around them  aware of traffic rules.

Fri, 27th Apr 2018 – Road Safety Week - Drawing Competition
I to V
Road Safety Week - Drawing Competition
Road Safety Week - Drawing Competition
Vishal Bharti Public School observed Road Safety Week during the month of April. To make this day significant a drawing and colouring competition was organized for classes 1 to 5 on 27th April.

Students made attractive paintings with beautiful illustrations and quoted motivating thoughts. It was an excellent and unique learning experience for them to come together and promote the importance of Road Safety. The students participated with great enthusiasm and aplomb.

Thu, 26th Apr 2018 – Road Safety Week - Story Writing
IX - X

Speed is thrill but it kills.  

A story writing competition was held for classes IX and X on 26.4.18 as a part of Road Safety Week. The students expressed their concern for road safety in the form of stories. They have taken incidents related to accidents to narrate stories. The deep concern that young generation have for road safety was expressed well through stories.

This activity helped the students understand the importance obeying traffic rules.

Mon, 23rd Apr 2018 – Road Safety Week - Debate Competition
Road Safety Week - Debate Competition
Road Safety Week - Debate Competition
Road crashes are the biggest killer of young people worldwide. Schools can play a key role in preventing road casualties and enabling children, families and everyone to use roads without being endangered.
Road Safety Week is a great way to educate children, young people and parents about the dangers on roads, how we can all take steps to be safer, and how adults can better protect children. It can make a huge difference to children’s lives and help to prevent deaths and injuries.

Road Safety Week was organized at Vishal Bharti Public School from 23.4.18 to 30.4.18 .  Students of Classes 11 and 12 participated in a Debate organized in their classes on 27th April ’18. Students spoke eloquently on Road Safety and how being prepared and taking some action is what we can do to protect our life and others too. They also spoke on the necessity of obeying all traffic rules and the things that can be done to avoid accidents. According to the speakers the important thing is to stay alert all times while using the roads.

Road Safety is very much up to how we use the roads. Use them carefully and we may be able to use them for a long time. Use them carelessly and we may never be able to use them again.

Mon, 16th Apr 2018 – Plantation of a Sapling- Earth Months Activity
III to V
Plantation of a Sapling- Earth Months Activity
Plantation of a Sapling- Earth Months Activity
"Someone is sitting in the shade today , because someone planted a tree a long time ago".
                                                                                                                        Warren Buffett

Earth Month – the celebration of bounties of our mother earth in different ways is celebrated each year with great zeal and enthusiasm in our school by conducting various activities at different levels . An activity ‘Plantation of a Sapling ‘  was conducted by the students of classes III – V on 16th April 2018 in the school premises wherein a group of students from the class planted saplings in the school garden with the help of their teacher and school gardener .Teachers also guided the students regarding the importance of plantation of  trees , the process of plant growth and some steps to do gardening .

The activity ended on a peaceful note with principal ma’am coming forward to plant the saplings with the students and imparting wisdom to the students regarding the importance of planting trees and encouraging kids to plant more and more trees not only at school level but even in their outside environment .The activity was a great learning experience as they became aware of the various scientific laws of nature and the significance of planting trees.

Thu, 12th Apr 2018 – Cooking Without Fire- Fruit Chaat
Cooking Without Fire- Fruit Chaat
Cooking Without Fire- Fruit Chaat

Fruits are the rich source of vitamins and minerals that help you feel healthy and energized .They play the healthiest role in keeping our body fit .To inculcate the habit of eating fruits in children, a fun filled activity was conducted by student by Pre-School on 12.4.2018 where they made “Fruit Chaat”. They mixed the different varieties of cut fruits like mangoes, banana, grapes etc in a big bowl. Thereafter, they sprinkled rock salt and lemon juice on it. Our little chefs were very excited to make the fruit chaat on their own.

The prepared fruit chaat was served to the children to the children and they enjoyed their delectable presentations. The main objective of this activity was to reinforce healthy eating habits amongst the tiny tots.

Fri, 06th Apr 2018 – Leaf Printing
Pre School - Pre Primary
Leaf Printing
Leaf Printing

Life without trees and plants is impossible. To teach our children the importance of trees an activity “Leaf Printing” was organized on 6.4.18 for Pre School and Pre Primary  children. Children did leaf printing in away that it looked like a tree.They also made its trunk .

This activity helped them to enhance their artistic and aesthetic skills.

Fri, 06th Oct 2017 – V-Care Initiative Cleanliness Drive
V-Care Initiative Cleanliness Drive
V-Care Initiative Cleanliness Drive
A Small Step Towards Clean India

Clean and green is our perfect dream.

Vishal Bharti Public School organized a Cleanliness Drive in DDA Park, Paschim Vihar on October 6, 2017 as a part of V-Care Initiative and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.   On 2nd October 2014, Swachh Bharat Mission was launched throughout the length and breadth of our country as a national movement. We at Vishal Bharti have been wholeheartedly promoting this campaign since the last three years encouraging youth and citizens to adopt good habits of cleanliness.

The main purpose of the drive was to create awareness among the students and the residents regarding benefits of hygiene and cleanliness. The most important purpose of maintaining cleanliness is to get healthy surroundings, hygienie, to beautify and remove offensive odour as well as avoid the spread of dirt and contaminants.

Keeping this in mind, the students of Class XI went for cleaning campaign in the DDA Park and picked up wrappers, bits of trash, empty bottles, and cans etc that were lying scattered all over the park and put it into dustbins. Students were equipped with brooms; pick up tools, garbage bags.  These Eco-warriors also cleared heaps of garbage lying by the pavement, while a few engaged in awareness drive by interacting with the people in the park. The motto of the drive was-'Look around, walk around, breathe clean air and don't litter the ground'.

Cleanliness is an emblem of purity of mind. Our students played the role of clean up ambassadors. They not only took initiative but encouraged the locals also to keep their surroundings clean.


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Wed, 27th Sep 2017 – Visit to 'Godhuli' Old Age Home
Visit to 'Godhuli' Old Age Home
On September 27, students of Class 8 of Vishal  Bharti  Public  School Paschim Vihar, paid a visit to an old age home 'Godhuli' situated at Dwarka, New Delhi. As VBPS believes in giving the first hand experiences to the learners and as a part the school’s initiative to sensitize the young towards the aged and the needy, VBPS students met and spend time with the elderly inmates of Godhuli. Students brought in a breath of fresh air as they presented songs and played games like antakashari, chess, ludo, snakes and ladder.

It was a joyous experience for the students who visit the old age home and interacted with its inmates. The most inspiring thing was that, in spite of many hardships these aged people have brave hearts and are still try to find endless ways to be happy.

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Thu, 20th Jul 2017 – Composting is Fun – Eco Club Activities
Composting is Fun – Eco Club Activities
Our patience and endeavor with composting  bore fruit as we were able to not only produce manure successfully using our TRUSTBIN but we also got a good amount of liquid fertilizer which acts as fast grow for the plants.

The manure was used for the plants in the lawn and the liquid fertilizer we poured into our pet plants in our class rooms. We also loaded the TRUSTBIN again with fresh biodegradable material so that it can make more manure for our plants.

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Thu, 28th Apr 2016 – Roman Tambola
Class V
There is no better way to learn the concept of Roman Numerals than through a game. Keeping this in mind, an activity called ‘Roman Tambola’ was conducted for Class V on 28.4.16. To play the game, the students were asked to write given Roman Numerals in the grid (3x5). Teacher began the game by announcing Hindu- Arabic numerals and students first translated the number to Roman Numerals and coloured it if the number appeared in the grid.

The winner was the first one to get four numbers coloured in the line. At the end of the activity, students had mastered the ability of converting Roman Numerals. Students participated in the activity with lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

Wed, 27th Apr 2016 – GUI Application Development in Java
Class XII
The students of class XII developed a GUI application in Java using different swing controls such as textboxes, radio buttons, labels, checkboxes etc.  The application was designed to stimulate the online pizza order form for a customer to place an order for home delivery. 

The students first viewed the online form on the internet of any one company such as pizzahut, dominos etc. and then designed their GUI accordingly.

This helped them to understand how java programming constructs were being applied in real life applications.

Wed, 27th Apr 2016 – Social Objectives pursued by companies
Class XI
An activity 'Social objectives pursued by Companies' was conducted in class XI on 27 April 2016.The main aim of the activity was to help the students to understand the social objectives of a business.

Students collected the information about ten socially responsible companies. They prepared a project on the basis of this information.

With the help of this activity, they learnt that companies are not only pursuing the organizational objectives but also the social objectives like Maruti Suzuki (community development & road safety), Tata Motors (Healthcare & Education), Tata Chemicals (Wildlife Conservation) etc.

Tue, 26th Apr 2016 – Group Discussion Odd Even
Class V
Be a part of Solution  not the part of Pollution

In order to find solution to the city's hazardous air, Delhi Government introduced road rationing policy on April 1. An activity focusing on advantages and disadvantages of the scheme was conducted in Class V on 26 April. Most of them spoke in favour of the policy as according to them that is the only way to save our mother earth. In the end they promised to be a part of the rule by encouraging their parents to follow the same. This activity helped children in understanding the grave problem of Pollution.

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