Fri, 26th Oct 2018 – Winning Report of Interschool Instrumental Fusion
Winning Report of Interschool Instrumental Fusion
Vishal Bharti Public School has been enthusiastically participating in various Interschool  Competitions.

Students  from classes VI and VIII,  Kushagr ,Deepanand, Ali,  Jass Sood,  participated in Instrumental Fusion competition on 26th October 2018, organised by Shah International School. They got Consolation prize in the event.

Principal, Dr Amita Saxena encouraged the students with motivating words.

Tue, 11th Sep 2018 – Inter School Zonal: Science Exhibition
Inter School Zonal: Science Exhibition
Inter School Zonal: Science Exhibition
“If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner”.

It is a proud moment for us to announce that the students of VBPS  proved themselves as innovative science geniuses as they brought laurels to the school. Pearl Juneja and Gauri Uppal of class V C stood Second in Inter School Zonal Science Exhibition held at Sarvodaya Kanya , Vidhayala , Paschim Vihar on 11th September 2018.

VBPS science model was on the topic Waste  Management which focussed on keeping the  society clean, through various waste disposal techniques .The model was indeed a work piece of their creativity and excellent dedication towards their subject. This is a step towards achieving the epitome of success.VBPS strive hard under the able guidance of their efficient teachers, school and keep bringing laurels for the school.
Wed, 05th Sep 2018 – Inter-School Results 2018-19

S.No Date Name Of School Name Of Event Participants  Class Position
1 12.04.2018 Columbia Foundation School, Vikas Puri On the Spot Painting Marya Kaushik IV C Consolation
Collage Making Sanskriti Dugalia VII B Third
  Gayatri Jast VII B
2 27.04.2018 Cambridge Foundation School Sublime Rendition (Singing Comptt) Diksha Sharma  IX A First
Niharika VII
Tanvi Dhiman VII
Dweksha Lakra VII
Vanshika VII
3 04.08.2018 Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar Show & Tell Competition Riyansh Rajora PP A Third (Consolation)
4 23.08.2018 St. Marks School, Meera Bagh Let's Talk Krish Shokeen XI A Second
The Alpha Lexicon Sejal Gupta XI C Special Prize
Imagine - Invent - Inspire Krish Dabas X C Second
Kartik Doomra X C
Mathamizing Tripti Sharma X A Second
Pratibha Garg X A  
5 24.08.2018 D.A.V. Cenetary Public School, Paschim Enclave Muquabla - E - Qawwali Shaivi Shukla IV A Second
Arpita Goyal IV C
Kanika IV B
Drishti IV C
Nandita IV B
Puppet Propaganza Riyansh Rajora PP A Second
Jasnoor Singh PP A
6 24.08.2018 G.D.Goenka Public School, Sector - 22, Rohini Prudentia 2018 Ritika Mohanty XII A Best Speaker
7 29.08.2018 Doon Public School G. K Quiz Wizard Subhodeep Paul X B Second
Durgeshwar Mohte X B  
Wed, 05th Sep 2018 – Zonal Result 2018-19
S.No Date Name Of School Name Of Event Participants  Class Position
1 01.08.2018 G.S.K.V. Peera Garhi Poetry Rectitation Sanskrit Ayush Pandey (Jr.) VIII A FIRST
Deeksha Sharma (Sr.) IX A FIRST
2 02.08.2018 St.Marks Co-ed School Paschim Vihar  English Debate  Guneet Gulati (Jr.) VIII A THIRD
Ayush Sharma (Jr.) VII C THIRD
Muskan Pandey (Sr.) XI B SECOND
Priyanshi Deolal (Sr.) XI C SECOND
3 02.08.2018 Govt. Co-ed SSS A-2 Paschim Vihar Hindi Debate Mayank Kumar Chaudhary (Jr.) VIII A SECOND
Ayush Pandey (Jr.) VIII A SECOND
Mokshit (Sr.) XI B SECOND
Pulkit (Sr.) X C SECOND
4 03.08.2018 G.S.B.V. School, Peeragarhi Village On the Sport Drawing and Painting Competition Kanishka Tiwari (Jr.) VII C FIRST
5 03.08.2018 G.S.B.V. School, Peeragarhi Village Sculpture Daksh Gupta (Jr.) VI D Second
Mohit Gupta (Jr.) VII A
Rishab Jain XII B Second
Divyansh Gupta XII B
6 06.08.2018 G.S.K.V B-3 Paschim Vihar Drawing Competition Gayatri Jast (Jr) VII B Second
7 07.08.2018 G.S.K.V. School, Peeragarhi Village Slogan Writing (English) Udita Pandey (Sr.) VII - B FIRST
8 08.08.2018 Bosco Public School Paschim Vihar Mono Acting Competition  Ayush Sharma (Sr.) X C Third
9 09.08.2018 G.S.B.V. School, Peeragarhi Village Poster Making Pragya Choudhary (Jr.) VII C Third
10 09.08.2018 G.S.B.V. School, Peeragarhi Village Paper Mache Tanishq Khandelwal (Sr.) IX A Third
Sahil Jast X A
11 13.08.2018 Shah International School, Paschim Vihar English Declamation Nitya  Bhayana (Sr.) XI C Third
12 13.08.2018 Govt. Co.-Ed SSS, B - 3 Block, Paschim vihar Hindi Declamation Krishna Bansal (Jr.) VI C Third
13 16.08.2018 D.A.V. School, Paschim Vihar Essay Writing (English) Bhawini Jain (Jr.) VIII A Third
Himanshi Yadav (Sr.) XI C Second
14 16.08.2018 G.S.K.V. School, Amalvas Essay Writing (Hindi) Arindam (Sr.) X C Third
15 20.08.2018 Gurusharan Public School, Paschim Vihar Poetry (Punjabi) Shubhi Yadav (Jr.) VII A Second
Kashish Mahendru (Sr.) XI B First
16 21.08.2018 G.S.K.V School, B - 3 Block, Paschim Vihar Folk Song Competition Pragya VI B First
Shubhi Yadav VII A
Yoshi Mahajan VII B
Dwaksha Lakra VII B
Vanshika Gupta VII B
Tanvi Dhiman VII C
Rushil VII C
Deepanksha VIII B
Medhavi Bhardwaj IX A
Harshita IX A
Devanshi Jain IX A
Hanshika Singhal IX A
Srishti IX A
Pallavi Bhardwaj IX B
Vanshika Mittal IX B
Pranjal IX B
Kanishka Garg IX C
Khushi Luthra IX C
Khushi Sharma X C
Riya Singhal X C
17 24.08.2018 Shah International School, Paschim Vihar Instrumental Kushagra Anand (Jr.) VI A Third
Diksha Sharma (Sr.) IX A First
18 31.08.18 Govt Coed SSS A-6 Paschim Vihar  Classical Music Diksha Sharma(Sr.) IX A  Second
Semi Classical Music  Medhavi Bhardwaj (Sr.) IX A  First
Light Music (Jr.)  Tanvi Dhiman VII C  First 
Light Music (Sr. ) Bhavika Mongia XI  Second
19 1.09.18  Govt. Coed SSS B-4 Paschim Vihar Qawaali Kahish Mahendra  XI B Second
Riya  X C
Diksha Sharma  IX A
Hanshika  IX A
Medhavi  IX A
Vanshika  IX B
Devanshi Jain IX A
Srishti Sharma  IX A
Pallavi  IX B
Pranjal IX B
Anshika IX C
Harshita IX A
Rushil  VII C
Vanshika Gupta VII B
Yoshi Mahajan VII B
Kanishka IX C
Tanvi Dhiman  VII C
Khushi Luthra IX C
Tanisha VII A
Lakshita  VI C
Wed, 29th Aug 2018 – Inter-School Competition – G.K. Quiz Wizard 2018
Inter-School Competition – G.K. Quiz Wizard 2018
“Knowledge itself is power and Education is not the filling of a pail, it is the lighting of a fire.”

VBPSites  brought laurels to the school by winning an interschool quiz competition, organised by Doon Public School , Paschim Vihar on 29th August 2018. The students were required to  utilise their knowledge in different domains to compete against the best.

Durgeshwar  Mahto  of Class XII-B and Subhodeep Paul of Class X-B bagged the second position and received a certificate and trophy.  Principal, Dr. Amita Saxena, congratulated the winners and lauded the efforts of the students and teacher incharge- Ms. Shalu Jain.

Fri, 24th Aug 2018 – Inter-School Junior School Competition
The tiny tots of Vishal Bharti Public School- Jasnoor Singh and Riyansh Rajora of class Pre-Primary brought laurels by securing Second Position in Inter-School Competition- ‘Puppet Propaganza’, held at DAV Centenary School, Mianwali Nagar on August 24, 2018. With their grooming, VBPSites were able to make puppets using eco-friendly material and present their Puppet Show with great oratory skills and confidence.

The little winners were congratulated and praised by the teachers and Principal, Dr. Amita Saxena.
Tue, 12th Jun 2018 – Vishal Bharti wins the "Plastic free school" of the year award
Vishal Bharti wins the
Vishal Bharti wins the
Vishal Bharti Public school, Paschim Vihar bags Plastic free school of the year award at  the National Environmental Convention  ceremony held at India International Centre.
Fri, 27th Apr 2018 – Interschool Singing Competition
 Students of Vishal Bharti Public School added another feather in its cap by winning Interschool –‘Sublime Rendition’, an Interschool singing  Competition. It was organised by Cambridge Foundation School on 27th April, 2018. VBPS singers group got first prize for their highly energetic, enthusiastic, incomparable and outstanding performance. The audience swayed with delight and applauded in appreciation.

Principal, Ms Amita Saxena congratulated the participants with  motivating words.

Fri, 01st Dec 2017 – Gauri Verma brings accolades to VBPS
Gauri Verma brings accolades to VBPS
Gauri Verma brings accolades to VBPS
Keeping sync with its tradition of preparing sportsmen for national & international games, Vishal Bharti Public School added a feather to its cap when Gauri Verma of Class XIIB won a Gold Medal & Scholarship of Rs.2, 50,000 in Asian Continental Games held at Pattaya, Thailand. She has also been honoured with a Silver Medal & Scholarship of Rs.44, 000 in Federation Cup Throwball Championship held at Rohtak, Haryana.
Tue, 28th Nov 2017 – Bharat Ko Jano Competition
Bharat Ko Jano Competition
To ignite curiosity and love for their mother India, "Bharat Ko Jano" Quiz Competition was organized by Bharat Vikas Parishad at State Level in Doon Public  School, Paschim Vihar on Nov 12, 2017. Two students of  V.B.P.S, Durgeshwar Mahto of class XI and Subhodeep Paul of class IX have brought laurels to the School by bagging the Ist position at Senior Level.  Medhavi Bhardwaj of class VIII and Bhavini Jain of class VII bagged IVth position at Junior Level.

This competition apprised the students about ancient and modern glory of India, its glorious history and culture, literature, geography, natural resources etc and also to arouse curiosity in them to know more about our country & realise that India is less than no one in the world. Dr. Amita  Saxena, Principal  lauded the performance of the students and wished good luck to Durgeshwar and Subhodeep for Regional Level competition.

Fri, 13th Oct 2017 – Report of Interschool Singing Competition
Report of Interschool Singing Competition
Diksha Sharma of class VIII C  participated in Interschool Singing Competition- Swaranjali, organized by Mother Divine Public School on 13th October,2017.  She got Consolation prize and Rs 500/- for her confident and melodious performance.The audience swayed with delight and applauded in appreciation.

Principal, Ms Amita  Saxena congratulated and motivated her with the words of appreciation.

Sat, 05th Aug 2017 – InterSchool Doodling Competition
InterSchool Doodling Competition
It is rightly said "Winners never quit and quitters never win" & VBPS believes in inculcating the spirit of the same mantra. Medhavi Bhardwaj of class VIII participated in an Inter School Event 'The Digilogous' held at Rukmini Devi Public School, Pitampura on 5 August, 2017. She participated in Doodling competition and got first prize, trophy and a cash prize of Rs.2000. The efforts of the student and teacher incharge Ms.Kamna were lauded by the principal Dr. Amita Saxena.
Wed, 02nd Aug 2017 – Zonal Art and Craft Competition
Zonal Art and Craft Competition
Our school participated in Zonal Art and Craft Competition held at Shah International Public School on 2.8.17. We won prizes in various events as follows:
Event Junior/ Senior Level Name of the student Position
On the spot painting competition - Individual
Junior Kashish Threja VIII C 2nd prize
Poster Making Competition -Individual
Junior Diya Saini VIII B 2nd prize
Paper Mache- Individual
Junior Milind Swaroop VII B 1st prize

The children participated with great zeal and were applauded well for their performance.

Fri, 05th May 2017 – IDA TEACHING AWARDS- 2016
Indian Didactics Association is an association for the education and training fraternity engaged in improving learning and teaching in Education and Training Industry in the country. It unifies the presently scattered Indian Education and Training sector to work collaboratively in the delivery of various national objectives, needs and goals.

IDA Teaching Awards recognizes and appreciates the efforts of the teachers who have made significant fundamental contributions to the education society over sustained period of years.
For IDA Awards-2016, there were 6982 nominations, 100+ online jury,  84 Finalists, 21 Winners finally.

Ms Sadhna Sohal,from Vishal Bharti Public School, was declared winner from all over India in Art, Music and Drama Category. She was awarded with a Trophy on 5th May 2017 at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road. The awards were presented by eminent Dignitaries from Various Universities.

Wed, 03rd May 2017 – International Olympiad Examinations-2016
International Olympiad Examinations-2016
International Olympiad is a search competition that aims to challenge and encourage the students to realize their true intellectual potential. Its objective is to develop competitive spirit among students, widen their academic horizon beyond school books and to prepare them to excel in today's highly competitive environment.

In the academic session 2016-17, the VBPians from classes I to XI participated enthusiastically in different olympiads under the guidance of teachers and supervision and mentorship of Principal Dr. Amita Saxena. Our students brought laurels for the school by winning Gold, Silver & Bronze medals.

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